The information itself is useless

Posted on: Thu, 12/14/2017 - 18:58 By: avasiliev
Efficient visualization

The information itself is useless.


Quite original start for a web-published text, isn't it? Still the confirmation is true. Solutions don't demand information, solutions demand clearly organized data. No matter what is the domain – in every situation people tend to organize data in a readable well-understandable formats.


Multiple mechanisms of collecting and storing the data are developed, and technologies continue to progress. But the key question of data presentation often remains ignored.


Whatever you analyze you need data organized. Some like it text, some like spreadsheets, also video&audio formats are used. In all cases it takes time to «upload» data in mind.


VisualN project tends to present data in optimal formats. The purpose is to minimize the time needed to «get into concept». We offer clear graphs, dashboards, schemes. We want the information become optimal for decisions. Sales, communities, statistics, geography, big data, systematization, communications – these are just few domains that VisualN covers.


Have you ever wondered about the graph of visits on the web-page you were reading? What about the map of visitors? Can we see the graph of wins and looses our government demonstrates? Can we divide Twitter into parts according to cat- and dog-persons? Marvel or DC – what's preferable worldwide? In France? Beyond boys 10 to 14 years old? Would you like to understand it in one glance?


It's a really interesting stuff. It is VisualN.

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